Friday, May 15, 2009

Queen Palm Flower Spikes

It's the time of the year when palm trees starts to produce flowers, which is usually very annoying. When their seeds drop and get rooted on the ground, they form weeds called "nut grass". I'm more interested in its form and color. It's definitely unique.

I spotted a flower spray from my queen palm this morning. I was glad I could reach it by my ladder. It looks pretty, but quite messy. A lot of pollen. It's quite heavy. So I use it in a nageire way. I just made/got this ceramic container yesterday. A quite good match. Because in this kind of arrangement, you need a good heavy container.

The size of this arrangement is 30"(Length)x20"(Height)x20"(Depth)

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  1. I am not easily inspired by most "ikebana" practitioners, but I just saw a few pictures and notes of your art and I must leave a note of thanks for inspiring me in the pursuit of learning from the masters.

    Have a great day!

    (I was married to a Japonese woman and traveled to Japan a few times)
    I have been in the flower business for 25 years. (