Friday, April 24, 2009

Bamboo split

I've kept the bamboo splits for a few years. They are too thin. It's hard to use them individually.

Today's ikebana lesson was about massing lines to form a surface. I thought it was a good practice for me to put these thin bamboo splits together. I used a simple weaving technique and made three parts, each with 10, 12 and 15 bamboo splits to give some variations. I sprayed them long time ago. Not quite an even spray. But the variegated tone suited better here. An even spray would be too strong.

I chose the container I made with the split top, so three groups of bamboo splits would easily be placed. When I was satisfied with the structure, I added a few honey suckle branches (from my front yard). Sensed I needed some focal point, I added some bouganvilla (also from my front yard. I really didn't spend extra for flowers and branches.)

I feel there's something missing at the base. It was a too clean cut between top and bottom parts, and the top part was heavy. The reason I post this study is hoping someone can give me some advice how to fix the problem.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mass and line

Mass expression and composition of Mass and lines

The first mass was arranged using carnations only. To add some variations of color, I inserted three purple calla lilies. I can stop here just for the lesson of mass expression.

From mass to mass and lines is an easy extension. It's better to just add a simple line (straight or curve), if the focus you intended is still on mass.