Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

In memory of Peter

Sculpture and ceramics

(1) "Ascending", Wood, stain and wax finish.
My very first wood sculpture project.

(2) "Wave", ceramic, Glaze: Satin white with a light spray of pearl black. Clay: B-mix, cone 10 reduction.
Inspired by the wood project. Clay is very forgiving. If the measurement is a little off, it's easy to fix. Wood requires more precision, it's more complicated. Maybe after a few years of experience, I will gain more confidence working with wood. It's definitely fun to work with different media.
It was supposed to be a sculpture piece. But I planned to use it in ikebana, I cut two openings for nageire.

(3) My first teapot attempt. I like geometric shape.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mixed media--Teapot

Wood, paper. Size: 25"x13"x7"

Time changes. Tea is forever.

Tea is an important part of Chinese culture. Friends gather for tea (not coffee), at any location, in any situation. Visiting Chengdu, having tea in a park is a must. Having tea also takes time. There's no rush, nor urgency. Sit down, brew tea, let it cool, while you are waiting, chat with friends. Do you see the point here? Tea is not just another beverage. It's the medium for people interacting.

For centuries, teapots experienced the change of time. When you look closely, every teapot can tell an unique story.

That's the idea I had when I tried to put a finishing on a wood teapot. I used an old magazine of Chengdu to dress the teapot.