Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ryan's haiku and his calligraphy

(Impression of Arizona Desert)

Tea colored sea,
Dry as bone,
Wave of sand.

Experience Chinese Calligraphy

This summer has been hard on me. My life partner Peter passed away. Couple of weeks ago, our nephew, Ryan, came visit. We met the first time. He's a senior at Michigan State University, majoring in Japanese and computer science. We had a great time together. We shared our common interests in Japanese culture. We had great fun practicing calligraphy. I asked him to write a haiku, so he can write on rice paper. He did a nice job, both with haiku and calligraphy. I will post his work later. Here are my calligraphy.
The first character is "Heart". We love somebody with our hearts. We need to put our hearts in when we are doing things, such as Ikebana. From heart, we love.
The second character is "longevity". Chinese way of blessing. Longevity requires good health. Good health yields longevity. Good health requires you taking good care of yourself. I cannot say Ikebana leads to longevity. Sure it helps you to reduce daily stress and maintain good health.