Saturday, May 2, 2009

Colors of the Desert

It's hard to let people believe that our desert (Arizona) is colorful. From time to time, I want to do arrangements featuring only desert materials, trying to tell the story of the colorful desert.

In late Spring and early Summer, palo verde is blooming, with mass of small yellow flowers covering the whole tree. Looking closely, you can see the tonal variations all way to brilliant orange red color spines. Bouganvilla blooms year round. It also provides the mass of magenta or bright pink color. This arrangement features palo verde and bouganvilla.


  1. I was admiring the great wealth of blooming bouganvilla in Florida the last few days. It has a delicate feel and a strong color. I love your use of the desert materials. It's inspiring me to search for some new (to me) native materials here in Washington, DC.

  2. So sorry I could not go to Florida for the ikebana convention this year.