Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lisa's ikebana hands-on

Lisa is a talented floral designer (western). She's coming to the class to try out ikebana. She brought her own container. So I gave her materials to work with--Ilex berry orange (mini persimmons) and Fuji mums. The middle one was her original arrangement. She beautifully placed mums and berries. Unfortunately, from ikebana point of view, mums and berries are in the same value. So, I asked her which one, mums or berries, are more important to her. It's hard to decide, because both are beautiful. Instead, I showed her 2 scenarios. If she want to show mums, she needed to shorten the berry branches (as in top photo). If she want to emphasize berries, she need to shorten the mums. (bottom photo)

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