Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

The dry bird of paradise leaf has to be fixed by wire.


  1. I like your blog very much. The materials you pick were quiet different from mine(I live in the east coast). I have been learning Ikebana for two years. I have my own blog too, I wish you can take a look and give your comment.Thank you! (

    Lynn J. Lee

  2. this composition is nice-- from the vase to the plantforms.

    what's the best way to dry this leaf? should it be dried directly under the sun or just allowed to dry up naturally in the shade.

    also this looks painted with gold, isn't it a good idea to gild it with gold leaf instead so that you get uneven tones of gold and brown?

  3. Thanks for your comments. Every year, new leaves of giant bird of paradise will come out while old leaves will dry out. I usually let the leaves totally dry before cut them off the plant, in this case they will hang and curl naturally. Yes, they are dried under the sun (in this case).
    It will look great with slight tonal variations. For me, I won't keep the leave forever, a quick spray (of antique gold) was just fine.